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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Today it can be particularly hard to get unbiased, professional advice without feeling pressured to move your money from under your own or someone else’s management. At URS Advisory, we offer fee-based financial planning using MoneyMatch™ where, for a flat annual fee, you receive professional assistance with:

  • Prioritizing your financial goals and using sophisticated software to track your ability to meet these goals
  • Reviewing your income and expenses to determine a realistic budget with software to keep you on track
  • Analyzing your current portfolio in terms of risk versus return and optimizing your portfolio to increase returns while minimizing risk
  • Understanding the exact risks you face during your working and retirement years and implementing strategies to protect yourself and your family against these risks
  • Creating a retirement income plan that allows your money to last as long as you do
  • Discussing viable plans for the transition from your working years to retirement

Ultimately, our goal in offering this type of advice is to allow you to have the financial clarity and understanding you need without pressuring you to move your investments from where you’re comfortable. Please call our office at (561) 594-0100 with questions on our fee structure.